I really enjoy transferring somebody else’s history. And you never know what history they have. Like I said about my cousin, we also transferred some family history and found that this gentleman had filmed a grassy knoll right after Kennedy was shot, here in Dallas. The Sixth Floor Museum didn’t know it existed. So they donated the footage that I transferred to the Sixth Floor Museum.

I also transferred some family footage that had been in the man’s closet for 40 years. His father was a military officer in World War II, was in Germany, and believe it or not, in one of Hitler’s desks found eight rolls of film. Brought them back, we transferred that footage. And it was of Hitler, about four or five feet away from his film crews, which meant it was his film crews filming him. This is footage that had never been seen. They use their film copies that I had given them, with some time coded deals so people couldn’t see them. And they ended up selling them to, I think the Discovery Channel or one of those, to go ahead and air this historical film.

There are gems hiding in your media. You never know until you start the process. The first step is you have to start with the decision to get it done.