So… you’re not concerned about properly digitizing and archiving your media? Media Asset Preservation helped a Chicago businessman, Albert Goodman, transfer and save never-before-seen footage of Jimi Hendrix live at Woodstock. You’ll never guess where it was… in a dusty attic slowly deteriorating and it’s owner had completely forgotten about its existence!

Woodstock film catches guitar god’s epic show Goodman’s footage of Jimi Hendrix’ finale sold to estate Albert Goodman is experienced.

Thanks to the theater benefactor, who recently released two hours of never-before-seen footage he shot of Jimi Hendrix at the 1969 Woodstock Music and Art Fair, you may be too.

Goodman, whose name is most closely associated with Chicago’s Goodman Theatre, where plays and musicals take the form of high art, sold two reels of film and sound footage on April 2 to the late singer’s family in Seattle, showing the rock ‘n’ roll legend’s entire historic 17-song set.

Hendrix’ youngest sister, Janie L. Hendrix, who runs the Seattle- based Experience Hendrix LLC, which is in charge of the late artist’s estate, paid Goodman and his cousin James Appleton–who restored the film–$95,000.