It’s important to get it done, but you have to make the decision to say, “Yes, I need that done. I want to get that done.”

We just had a gentlemen, his name was Sir Earl Toon, come to me. And I transferred some of his family and music history in late November, early December.

The man has come up with some phenomenal hit songs that we all know.

He’s a musician, he’s got some very famous songs and he’s in the hall of fame. But sadly, he’d never transferred his family history. We did that for him, finished it in mid-December. He was thrilled. Actually, he was in tears.

But sadly, on January first, this year, 2018, his house burned down. Had we not transferred that history, that would’ve been lost forever.

People don’t realize it can happen to you. It’s happened to me, personally. It’s happened to all those people in California. It can happen at any time, not to mention the fact that the videotapes, as they deteriorate, someday in the future, there’s not going to be a machine to play it. So you may have the videotape still, but there’s not going to be a machine so you can play it.

We have hundreds of machines that we use as spare parts, to keep the others operating. But eventually, we’re going to run out of those spare parts. We’re one of the few companies in Texas, and probably the United States who can still do two inch videotape. But eventually, that’s going to disappear. So it’s important to get it done, get it done now. But also, the most important thing, is to get it done right.