You never know what you have. Never seen before historical footage from JFK to WWII

I really enjoy transferring somebody else’s history. And you never know what history they have. Like I said about my cousin, we also transferred some family

Preserving history is critically important or just throw it out

Preserving people’s history is critically important. Too many people postpone it, delay it. It’s not a priority to them. They don’t think anything is going to

Famous musician’s media history is saved from a natural disaster

It’s important to get it done, but you have to make the decision to say, “Yes, I need that done. I want to get that done.”

My mother was an actor. I never interviewed her. Interview your parents now.

My mother was an actor. Entertained the troops in the war, entertained 100,000 men on an island in the Pacific. She did a lot of work

MAP transfers never-before-seen video footage of Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock

So… you’re not concerned about properly digitizing and archiving your media? Media Asset Preservation helped a Chicago businessman, Albert Goodman, transfer and save never-before-seen footage of
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