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A message about the importance of preserving all formats of media


Media Facts

  • Video records are a vital part of our culture, but videotape is prone to deterioration and losing its recorded contents over time.
  • Videotape and all magnetic media is considered high risk from a preservation perspective.
  • Fewer than 50% of all feature films made before 1950 have survived.
  • In 1990 Universal Studios lost thousands of videos of TV shows and movies in a back lot fire.
  • Universal Studios on June 1, 1998 lost 40,000 to 50,000 videos and film reels in a video vault that burned in a devastating fire.
  • Many films have sadly been burned in warehouse fires or turned to vinegar in uncontrolled storage environments.
  • Every original piece of film footage by director Billy Wilder has gone missing, including the original negative of Sunset Boulevard.
  • We can create an efficient document management process to capture, archive, search, and retrieve information from multiple venues.
  • Videotape priority for digital transfer is determined by age, condition, and video format. 3/4” U-matic tape is threatened severely if more than 10 years old, Hi8 is jeopardized at all ages, Betacam SP and 1“ tape are endangered, betamax is critically endangered . 1/2” open reel tape and 2” tape are extinct with very few machines in existence to playback the tape.
Preservation Facts
  • MAP can convert your media into digital assets for secure access.
  • We facilitate the preservation of historic video by capturing the assets to individual computer files that can be copied without loss – forever.
  • Videotape was introduced in the mid 1950's and over 65 formats of analog and digital tape have been in use at one time or another.
  • Videotape can easily be damaged by sunlight, fungus, extreme temperatures, and changing levels of humidity that cause expansion or contraction of the tape itself.
  • Wet or damp videotapes are particularly vulnerable to damage. Roof leaks, flooding, broken pipes, sewer problems, fire sprinkler systems, and spilled liquids can cause severe contamination and damage.
  • The estimated life of videotapes if properly stored is 10-20 years. However, equipment and format obsolescence may pose a greater threat to the life of tape than the media degradation factors.
  • The ability to play back a videotape in the future depends on the existence of functional playback equipment.
  • The chemical binder that holds the magnetic particles on the videotape is the weakest point of most tape. Some binders can degrade in just a few years.
  • Migration to digital media must play a significant role in a comprehensive approach to videotape preservation.

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